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Here is a table of contents for the articles. The articles each come from a line in the song AMERICA: Searching For Reality by Roger Himes

These articles are not about America! Although America is named, the articles are really NOT about America. They are about people everywhere, as you can glean as you read through the lyrics of the song (and article titles).

The song is a negative satire. The articles convert the negatives to positives.

This is a NEW project, and these articles are ‘a work in progress.’ This means they are being written at the rate of one every week or two (unless I’m out of town). If the line of the song (article title) can be clicked, this means the article is finished. If it cannot be clicked, it is not finished.

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1. America! Land of pride and plenty!
2. People rushing to nowhere
3. Idle time beyond compare
4. Ignoring others in despair
5. Searching for some certainty.

6. People hear yet seldom listen
7. Others look but cannot see
8. Competing in the wrong directions
9. Acting out facsimiles.

10. People full yet always hungry
11. Reaching out but seldom touching
12. Outward laughing inward crying
13. Avoiding our Gethsemane.

14. America! Land of opportunity!
15. Money is our hidden treasure
16. Wealth becomes the standard measure
17. As we seek our fleeting pleasures
18. Pride without humility.

19. Great concern but no compassion
20. Fighting hard for selfish justice
21. Becoming slaves in all dimensions
22. While striving hard to be set free

23. Seeking answers while avoiding issues
24. Learning facts but never knowing
25. Seeking knowledge, seldom wisdom
26. Intellectual security.

27. America! Land of milk and honey!
28. Many songs yet few have meaning
29. Voices filled with empty chatter
30. Noise abounds but peace is fleeting
31. Clanging like calliopes.

32. Countless children yet few fathers
33. Many houses yet few homes
34. Many plans for great tomorrows
35. While today remains a mystery.

36. Many smiles but shallow greetings
37. Religious people with no true God
38. Many Christians without Christ
39. Searching for reality.